Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday + Weekly Weigh In...

First the weigh-in
Ugh! 1.8 lbs up from last week. Boo! Moving on...

New fun socks for Spring! Because it's no longer appropriate for me to wear my Christmas socks and no one cares about Winter once Christmas is over.

Thanks to Costco, I'm all stocked up on coffee to make it through Fall...I hope!

I really need to work on drinking more water and I'm convinced that my new Bubba cup is going to help me. It's 32 oz and it's pink. I'll surely be motivated to drink more water now...right?

This adorable little Valentine's Day coffee mug!

This big-ass 40 lb bag of dog food. Hear me out...
As I struggled to carry it into the house and dropped it on the floor, I looked at this bag and thought about the extra weight that I used to carry around everyday. I carried 3, THREE of those bags on my body at one time in my life. I'm pretty bummed about the weight that I've regained over the last few months, but I have to remember how far I've come, and something so simple as a stupid bag of dog food did that for me.

Have you lost a bag of dog food? Be proud and let's keep working toward our goals :)

The winner of the Pink Slate Boutique giveaway was Teri M. Hope you love your cardigan, Teri. Don't forget that you can use the code CRAFTYHEALTHYMOMMY for 20% off of your entire order!

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you have a good weekend!
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  1. Of course the new pink cup will help! And great thinking with the dogfood. You've lost 3 of those!!!! Amazing.

  2. Considering that we only buy our Puggle 5lb bags of food, I've officially lost 2 bags!
    Great way to think about it!
    Congrats on the weight and how far you've come, and remember: A set back is only a set up for a come back!

  3. I really love your holiday socks, they make me happy :) and number 2 makes me laugh cause i think about that commercial on tv where the lady is buying a cart full of the pumpkin pie spice creamer lol

  4. YES! When I told my friend I was bummed I had only lost 50 lbs, she told me I was crazy and that was more than a big bag of dog food! I love that analogy! Can you believe 3 of those were on you?? Crazy cakes.

    You are awesome. And I feed my dog the same food lol.

  5. I dunno... I won that awesome pink half gallon jug from Valerie a week or so ago and its not helping me! Lol.
    Awesome job on the dog food loss. Its def an excellent way to put it in to perspective!

  6. wow, I never thought of it that way either! (prob because I don't have any dogs! ha!)

    and I'm sporting some snowman socks today at work, who cares what is on my toesies?

  7. Wow that's an amazing realization about the dog food!

    I'm still wearing my Christmas socks. No one is the wiser. ;)

  8. I'm two pounds away from losing a bag of dog food! I once saw this huge list of the equivalent of what you've lost in 5 pound increments... It was hilarious!

  9. The dog food analogy is great! I love that Bubba cup and I haven't seen ones like that before. Having a good cup always helps you drink more water, duhh.

  10. I was like, oh, I didn't know she had a dog. Hahahaha

  11. I like the fancy pink cup. I use a green cup with a straw and it DOES help me with my consumption of water. I have it at work and I think I need one at home because on the weekends I barely drink water. :( I think it is the cup. It has to be the cup, right?!?!? And girl, those bags of dog food are heavy, so that is AWESOME that you got rid of THREE bags! You will get things figured out again. I am gaining weight back on too. :( but such is life.

  12. I gained this week, too :( I am telling myself it is muscle ;) And that cup would definitely increase my water intake! I love it!

  13. Don't stress over a little weight gain :) u look amazing!
    You have come such a long way.
    I'm sure that u know exactly what u need to do to get those few extra lbs off :)

  14. Great attitude about the heavy dog food :)

  15. Costco is SO EVIL because I always spend WAY too much in there.

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  17. I am up good 6 pounds :(. So, please don't let it geet more. It so damn hard to get back on track. :(

  18. Where did you find that pink cup? I need one. LOL. Thanks.

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