Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So What Wednesday 1/15...

So what if...

  • I was feeling fancy last night and decided to do a little winged eyeliner
  • the aforementioned winged eyeliner got "lost" in my crows feet
  • I had popcorn for lunch yesterday
  • I can't stand when people act like experts on things they clearly are not
  • this
  • I eat bacon once, sometimes twice, a day
  • our undecorated Christmas tree is still up
  • I love Miley's new song. Dammit, Miley!
  • I'm addicted to Skinny Cow chocolates even though I'd rather have a Reese's Blast
  • I'm still getting my 2014 goals and resolutions together
 photo bluesignature_zps419d5f86.png


  1. Like I mentioned earlier, I like the caramel skinny cow things. I also like the dark chocolate cluster things. They taste like 100 grand to me.
    Who cares if you had popcorn, I'm sure you tracked it!

  2. I'm right there with you on 8, almost 9, of your so if I don't care and neither do you, these things are normal, right?!?

  3. ooooh man I am SO feeling 4-5 right now... haha

  4. Pretty sure were sisters. Cause I just nodded along or double tapped (yes, I forgot its not IG) EVERY picture you posted too. Lol

  5. My undecorated Christmas Tree is still up too, I put everything away about 2 weeks ago but just haven't been able to put away that tree haha!

  6. The Skinny Cow candy is such a life saver during that "time of the month". I can still get my chocolate fix without feeling horrible about it and still staying on plan.


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