Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coffee or a Nap...

The kids are at school and I couldn't decide if I wanted to take a nap or drink coffee and blog...

The nap may still come later!

I feel like I have nothing to say and so much to talk about all at once. First, my cousin sells Origami Owl...wait, don't check out just yet...and she opened an online party in my name and is donating every last cent of her commission from this order to The Autism Society of Alabama in honor of Autism awareness month and my babies :) There is no pressure, but go check it out HERE if you need some cute stuff and help out a great organization in the process! Here's my Origami Owl necklace. I love it so much!
An A for my initial (duh), the angel wing is for my daddy, a little elephant because I love them, pink and blue footprints for the babies, a cameo because I love them as well, an aquamarine heart to represent the month that B and I got married, amethyst for the babies' birthstone, a coffee cup because duh, and a sweet little Autism heart :) The order will be open through the 30th and your items will be shipped straight to you. Easy peasy!

We have had a rough couple of weeks with sickness! The babies had to miss school all last week, Sissy had to miss dyeing Easter eggs at Grandmother's last Thursday due to a little fever, and she was up coughing at 5:30 yesterday morning! I took her to the doctor yesterday and he isn't concerned and says that she's just working it out herself. Our pediatrician is super old-school (he was my pediatrician) and doesn't prescribe medication unless it's absolutely necessary, which I am totally on board with normally, but I was hoping he could give her something to make her better yesterday. Ah well. I really just wanted to make sure that her cough wasn't something to be concerned about, so I'm glad we went. Since they are fever-free and the cough sounds worse than it is, we're attempting school today and I'm hoping I don't get a text from their teacher. Since they are in the special education preschool program and they get so much out of school, I hate for them to miss it if they don't absolutely have to.

How was y'all's Easter?? Ours was really good and we had some pretty big moments for the babies! I've spent the last almost 2 years of my blog "protecting" my kids (or me?), but now that I've opened up to y'all about some of the challenges we face, I feel like I can talk about them a bit more. I LOVE holidays and all of the fun festivities that come along with them. The babies usually don't "get" things quite like typical children do, so their lack of interest in "fun" holiday things is always a bit hard for me. Remember me talking about me needing to be fixed, not them? Well this is one of those things I struggle with. Anyway...we all went to Grandmother's on Thursday to dye Easter eggs and I felt a bit defeated before we even got there because I knew that Little Man just wouldn't "get" it. We all sat around the table with the kids and started dropping color into the water. The wonder from my cousins' kids as they watched the water turn was both heartwarming and difficult for me. My family is ridiculously close and we all love each other's kids like our own, so their joy is contagious to all of us, but I struggle with the disconnect that my own Little Man has. Notice...I struggle with it...he's perfectly content. I took Little Man's hand in mine and my Aunt gave us a color tablet to drop into the water...and he tried to eat it :) Oh the constant battle of keeping things out of their mouths haha. When I pulled his little hand away from his mouth, he dropped the tablet and it fell on the floor. My aunt handed us another, and we tried again. He didn't quite "get" what we were doing, but with a lot of hand over hand stirring, the water started to turn and he got into it! He loved stirring the water with the spoon and the hand over hand was no longer needed. When it came time to drop the egg in the water, he wanted to keep stirring, but I took his little hand again and we dropped the egg in. After that, he got it and was so much fun to be able to watch him and let him have a bit more control (less hand over hand) on the next egg.

On Sunday we all went to Grandmother's for lunch and to let the kids hunt the Easter eggs that we colored. My cousin and I hid the eggs and told the big kids to leave the "easy" eggs for the little ones. Again, I was already feeling a bit defeated because I knew that my kids would have very little interest in this activity. B took Little Man and I headed out with Sissy. Little Man picked up 3 eggs and was over it. I pointed an egg out to Siss and helped her put it in her little bucket. I pointed out another and she put it right in the bucket with no hesitation and was ready to "find" the next egg. She gets it!! It was so much fun to experience that with her and it was another humbling moment for me. Do NOT underestimate their abilities, self. They are growing so much and surprising me left and right. A couple of other big things for Sissy was that she wore her bunny ears the entire day and she hunted Easter eggs barefoot with no problem. We have some sensory challenges, so the barefoot thing was huge! She was a bit hesitant at first, but was willing to try and soon forgot about the grass and leaves completely.
It was such a fun day with family and a day full of happy moments. As we got ready to head home, I noticed Sissy's hand was BLUE...and her mouth! Remember that color tablet that Little Man dropped under the table on Thursday?? We couldn't find it when he dropped it, but miss priss found it and and ate it...sigh. Kids!

The last week has not been without challenges, but I choose to focus on the good today and share our happiness :)

How was Easter for y'all? Did you color and hunt eggs? Did your kid eat a dye tablet too? No? Just mine? Ok...

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  1. That's wonderful news! My girl missed dyeing eggs at Grandma's too, darn spring allergies.

  2. Maybe I'm just overly emotional today, but this post actually brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing about your kiddos! Sounds like it was a great Easter for you guys!!

  3. That's sweet and great news. I don't know the struggles but I can sympathize with you. :)

  4. It sounds like a perfect Easter!!!

  5. It sounds like a great day overall. My 6 year old nephew has sensory perception disorder, seizures, and has a gluten-free allergy. We just discovered it this year so the holidays have become a bit harder. We have a lot of baking traditions in our family and my nephew knows he can't have them or else he'll get sick and have a meltdown, but he still gets upset over the fact that he can't eat it like everyone else.

  6. Its great to hear about ur little victories! Barefoot in the grass, yes!

  7. Hope everyone is feeling much better!

  8. I don't usually comment, but I have to today. Yay little victories, and thanks Sissy for finding the tablet?? haha



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