Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coffee or Wine...

Holy. Crap.

What a morning! The kids are at school again today and if it was socially acceptable to have wine at 8 in the morning, I still wouldn't do it but I'd be tempted! Sassy and I had one of our biggest fights yet over getting dressed this morning. I'm still tense and sore from wrestling her! That little miss is too strong for her own good...physically and willed. Little Man, on the other hand, is the most chill kid around. He's also very sensitive. For example, I yelled at Siss this morning and he cried...sigh. Mommy needed a timeout after this morning, so thank you, Jesus, for school today!

I did have a little NSV this morning when I talked myself out of stopping for a fast food biscuit and hash browns on my way home and I'll be having my oatmeal instead. It's little, but it counts for something...about 600 calories!

I honestly don't have much to talk about, but I thought I'd touch a bit on something I struggle with. The mom funk.

I don't have to get dressed most days, so I don't. Recently though, I've stopped putting in any effort even when I leave the house! I am one of those tired, disheveled moms all. the. time. Tuesday, I met one of my girlfriends for dinner and I just did not feel like doing anything to myself. I knew she wouldn't care (she was coming from the gym anyway), so I debated throwing the mane back in a ponytail and wiping the mascara out from under my eyes and calling it done. Who cares?? I thought about it though and remembered Megan's post from just that morning. Since staying home with sweet baby Aiden she has mentioned a few times that making a little effort and getting pretty helps her attitude toward herself and everyone around her. So I recurled my hair, redid my eyes and left the house feeling much peppier than I'd felt all day.
I may still not get dressed when I'm sitting at home all day, but I need to shake the mom funk and make an effort for myself and the other patrons of Target. Thanks for motivating me to be a better version of me in more ways than you know, Megan! Now give me some of that workout mojo!

Any other moms in a funk? Let's put some mascara on and pull ourselves out of it together...some days.

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  1. Yay for your NSV! I'm having one today too. I just refrained from ordering pizza with some of my co-workers & I'm going to eat my healthy lunch I brought from home!!!

  2. I am the same way. I work during the week and look forward to sweat pants , messy hair, and no makeup on my weekends. I do feel more put together though when Tuesday rolls around and I am back to putting in some effort even if some days are minimal.

  3. I hear you. Even though I usually put on powder foundation, blush, and mascara daily regardless of what I'm doing, I don't get out of sweatpants much. Today I was just itching to get out of the house so I got a shower, did my hair and makeup,and went to Target. It wasn't much but it was something!

  4. I agree. Mom funk (I slowly raise my hand). I think the whole make-up thing always makes me feel good!!

  5. I remember those days with little ones when I wasn't working! It's so much easier to stay comfy all day but sometimes it mentally helps to spruce up a bit! Hang in there!

  6. Your comment about Little Man totally made me laugh. I have boy/girl twins as well (just turned 4) and whenever my daughter gets in trouble or gets a timeout, my son cries and begs to let her come out. Gotta love those sensitive boys! They will make wonderful husbands some day :)

  7. I def agree about the mom funk. Sometimes you just cant dig yourself out of the sludge. One day recently i put a full face of makeup on for no reason and did my errands, one of them being Lowe's and i actually got some glances in my direction!! Its been so long and i felt a little bit like a fool but it was nice to be "cleaned up".

  8. Congrats on the NSV!!! I passed on a 50% off Toblerone today and I LOVE Toblerone! Its hard to make the right decision it really is!

    You are beautiful and happy to see you made the choice to pretty up to meet your friend! I'm not a Mom and I work, but even then I find I stop making the effort to look good. I don't do much but brush out or pull back me hair, put on a pair of slacks and a top (no jeans allowed at work) and go out the door. The last week I'm starting to make the effort to put on some of my jewelry, wearing a pretty scarf, etc. It sure is making me feel better about myself

  9. Girl, I feel you on the mom funk...I'm a stay at home mom too and I rarely get dressed in real clothes unless I know someone's coming over or I have to go some where...and even then I only put on my yoga pants and a t-shirt....I need to work on that...

  10. Mom funk... I can totally relate! I have b/go almost 20 month old twins and I change from pjs to yoga pants but simply getting out of my pjs makes me feel more out together, lol.

  11. I'm in the Mom funk right now :/
    The struggle is real.

  12. I feel you on the mom funk.
    Since staying home, even if i don't leave the house, I still do my make up every single morning.
    It's been a challenge and most days for no one but myself, but it's just enough to bring me out of my funk.


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