Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend of Happy...

Y'all, this weekend was great!

Friday I went painting with one of the BFFs. First, in the words of Dr. Mindy Lahiri...
It's true.

Neither one of us have cats (anymore), but we both have a thing for Grumpy Cat, so when we saw this painting on the Spirited Art calendar, we knew we had to do it together!

She was so fun to paint; not near as stressful as my coffee cup paintings. After painting, we stood out in the parking lot and talked for like two hours! I love my other Amber and I'm so glad we got to spend Friday night together! We both have coffee walls set up in our kitchen and I think Grumpy Cat fits right in :)

Saturday morning I got up around 6 to get ready to head for Nashville. Holly was running the Country Music Half Marathon and I nervously agreed to meeting her and a couple of others for lunch after the race. I left early so I could meet one of my friends from high school, Ashley, for coffee beforehand. She took me to a (in her words) "crazy hipster" coffee shop, Barista Parlor, and it did not disappoint on the hipster promise! Lots of plaid and some amazing facial hair...let me tell you! I had an Iced Salty TN Whiskey Caramel Latte that was just as amazing as it sounds! I was running late, per usual, so we didn't get to chat as long as I would have liked before I needed to head over to The Pharmacy to grab the table for lunch. There was a bit of a wait for a table, so I stood out front and waited for the girls to get there. I was looking at my phone, most likely on Instagram, when I heard an "Amber!" from the left and looked up to see Holly, Kira, and Kelli heading my way. We hugged, chatted for a minute and headed in where we ran into sweet Lauren who had met everyone for dinner the night before. Alyse, Faye, and Aubrey Leigh and her husband joined us a bit later and we lunched and talked and had a great time.
Picture big boyed from Aubrey Leigh's Instagram!
Aubrey Leigh, Alyse, and Faye left for home around the same time, so we all hugged goodbye, I told Aubrey Leigh that I was obsessed with her eyelashes and then her husband and I had a Ginger to Ginger conversation as they headed out. Holly, Kira, Kelli, and I hung out a bit longer to talk before they had to start their 5.5 hour drive home. my mind, we're well on our way to the best friends tier. I wish they had been staying in town Saturday night because I'm pretty sure I could have talked to her all. day! Alas, she was absolutely exhausted, and rightfully so, and they had a long drive ahead of them, so I had to let her go. One day (SOON), I'm getting together with her and's happening.

After lunch I got back with Ashley and spent the rest of the afternoon with her, her husband, and their dog Mo. Ashley is my number one favorite person in the whole wide world. Really...I have a favorite people list and she's on top! I could sit here and talk all day about how amazing she is, but words are not enough. Everyone needs an Ashley in their life!
We're already talking about bringing B and the babies up for a day at the zoo and other fun Nashville stuff. I can't wait!

On Sunday we had plans to go to Grandmother's like we always do. B woke up feeling kind of tired and cruddy and Little Man had a cough and a runny nose (still), so we decided to leave the boys at home while Sissy and I went to Grandmother's for lunch. Juuust kidding. After breakfast, Sissy felt warm and was acting really pitiful. Then it happened...puke. Ugh! So Siss and I headed for the bath while Daddy did the dirty work and cleaned up. Usually getting dressed after bath is quite the battle with her, but she was too sick to care yesterday. She was shivering from getting out of the bath and having a fever, so we got pjs on and snuggled up on the bed for a little while. I didn't want to let her run around with a wet head, so I got the blow-dryer and hoped she would let me get some of the water out of her hair. She sat there and let me blow-dry and brush her hair for at least 20 minutes! I even got to do her first little braid :)

B said I should still go to Grandmother's and to make sure to bring him a plate home. Smooth move, Daddy. So the sicklings laid around the house and watched TV and napped while I went to spend time at Grandmother's. Sissy was still really, really pitiful at bedtime and fell right asleep when I put her in her bed, which never happens! Looks like I'll be making a call to the pediatrician this morning. I just want my babies to be well!!

So that was my weekend. So much good and a little bad with my sick little ones.

How was your weekend? Is there a blogger you just know you would love in real life and would like to meet?

OH! Don't forget that the Origami Owl party closes on the 30th. My cousin is donating every cent of her commission from this order to The Autism Society of Alabama in honor of Autism Awareness Month. There is absolutely no pressure, but go HERE if you'd like to order pretty things for a good cause :)

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  1. Aww poor girl. I hope the puking doesn't make it's way around the family!!

    What blogger would I love to meet? YOU (and Holly and Jenn of course). Hope everyone feels better quick!

  2. Yay! You, Holly, and Jenn sounds like a blast!

  3. I have to admit that I was jealous of that awesome bloggyfriends lunch! Between all of your IG accounts, it was obvious everyone had a blast.

    and I'm going to second Candra ;)

  4. It was great meeting you and significantly less creepy than I anticipated :)

  5. What a great weekend!!! Love that painting!!

  6. You are an absolute sweetheart, enjoyed talking with you so much! Hope we can do it again. Sorry that your babies were sickly, hope they feel better soon! Take care!

  7. Sorry the Littles were sick but it sounds like a not too shabby weekend! The bloggers I would most love to meet are you, holly, Jennifer, and Val...but sadly where you guys are all just a few hours away from one another I'm waaaaay up here in the Pacific northwest...for some reason there aren't many bloggers up here!! :)

  8. Such great fun meeting you, pretty girl!

  9. What an amazing weekend you had. I'm sorry to hear your babies are sick. Hoping they are feeling better now.

  10. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I love the grumpy cat pic!! Great job
    Oh I just love love love Holly and Miss Kelli. They are the best as is Miss Jenn!!
    I'm glad you got to meet up with them:)
    I hope your mini's are on the mend soon.

  11. I hate that I didn't get to meet you this weekend! By the time I finished the race, found my husband and made it back to the car we had to head back to Memphis for a wedding. I was looking forward to chatting with yall at The Pharmacy though!

  12. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Those grumpy cat paintings are perfect! Too cool!


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