Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amber Randoms 2.0...

Last year I did a little post called Amber Randoms where I listed a bunch of useless information about myself. Today I thought I'd give it a go again and add to that list of useless information. You're welcome?

  • I have terrible road rage. Don't ride my tail or I will slow down to 15 mph.
  • I have one small tattoo on my left wrist. I got it as a "reward" for losing my first 30 lbs. I would like another, but I don't know what or where.
  • I have to say "I love you" before getting off the phone with B, my mom, my brother, and my Grandmother. Have to. I usually say it to extended family and close friends as well. There was a time in my life where I would call someone back if they hung up without saying it. 
  • I always have a ponytail holder on my right wrist just in case I need to pull my hair back.
  • I tend to ramble.
  • I want Sprite when I'm sick. Sonic ice is a bonus.
  • The "S" word is my favorite cuss word. The "F" word is a close second. 
  • I am obsessed with making my eyelashes longer/fuller and I always use 2 mascaras. My favorite combo right now is Benefit "They're Real" and Maybelline "The Falsies" (totally didn't know there was a "The" in front of "Falsies" on that mascara until just now)
  • I love gossip.
  • I'm an excellent secret keeper.
  • I love watching crime shows and documentaries; even if they feed into my paranoia.
  • I don't like the heavy contouring makeup trend. Call me crazy, but I think your face should look like your face when you're done with your makeup.
  • My feelings are easily hurt.
  • I've never had Nutella.
  • I'm addicted to Chapstick and have them lying around everywhere. 
  • I have to sleep with Breathe Right Strips every night...lucky B to wake up next to that every morning.
  • I hate seeing a personalized license plate that I can't decipher.
  • I was born and raised in Alabama and love living in the South...most of the time.
  • I can't wear high heels longer than 15 minutes without feeling like my feet are going to fall off.
  • I think hashtags should be used sparingly and I hate when people hashtag entire sentences. You're doing it wrong!
  • Sometimes I think about going back to school, but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Also, school terrifies me.
  • Shopping is therapy for me...and so is eating.
  • I have zero tolerance for hateful people.

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  1. I also always have a pony tail holder on my right wrist (unless it's in my hair) and I do love some good gossip.

    I may need to mail you Nutella pronto!

  2. I haven't ever had Nutella either although I hear it's fabulous! Shopping is definitely my therapy :)

  3. I love these . . . bloggers are a nosey bunch so it's fun to read these! And I love that a sweet mama like you has favorite cuss words! You go girl!!

  4. So basically it feels like I wrote this entire thing about myself...except I freaking love Nutella. Please dont try it.....you wont be able to stop!!!! It is for the best, I Promise. While I wasn't born in Alabama...or the south...I have adapted quite well. Annnnd I don't have to sleep with breathe right strips but I have to carry an inhaler around everywhere I go...so that is equally as sexy. Twins! Who knew?!

  5. I'm a lefty and always have a ponytail holder on my right hand as well.

    If you've avoided Nutella this long, then continue to hold out because you would be doomed if you try it!

  6. 1. I so agree with the heavy contouring…makeup is supposed to make you look better, but not unrecognizable. lol
    2. Go try Nutella…like now!

  7. Nutella is overrated-you can live without it.

    I am completely guilty of full sentence hashtags #sorrynotsorry haha

    Your eyelashes look amazing.

    I also slow waaaayyyy down to someone tailgating, and have been known to slam on the brakes as well

  8. Love your list! I am going to have to try that combo of mascara!

  9. I'm not a fan of Nutella..I tried it once. It was staring at me in the checkout line (the snack kind with the little breadsticks for dipping) so I grabbed it. Didn't really see what all the hype was about. Took a few bites and tossed it.
    "S" is also my fav bad word...but "F" only comes out when I'm pushed over the edge ;)

  10. Your eyelashes always look incredible!

  11. I love your lashes...hot hot #Idontknowhowtodoit. LOL

  12. I love your lashes...hot hot #Idontknowhowtodoit. LOL

  13. I have never had Nutella, either, and I agree about the personalized license plates!

  14. I've had nutella and you're not missing out. I'd seriously prefer almost any spread/dip from Trader Joe's in heart beat--now those are addicting. And I have the same chapstick problem. Although for me it's blistix. I constantly keep them in my back pocket and forget to take them out before washing, thankfully they haven't ended up all over the washer--YET!

  15. I don't know what all these ladies are taking about...haha jkjk! Nutella is the best think on Earth!!! It is so thick and rich.. but not sickening. You get and your car, drive to a Nutella retailer near you, an your life will be forever changed. You need to get a Nutella crepe stat!!! I'm just being dramatic, but I love it! I go through jars of it, I eat it on bananas, and apples for breakfast. I also agree about personalized name plates, I have to remind myself don't look to hard, your going to wreck the car..ha!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire


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